Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Music From Canada Dead Smart

It seems as if the Candian music business goes from strength to strength. This wonderful blog, the work of Anna Jones is the gateway into a music world that was new to me. Great writing, MP3's, including the amazing Dykehouse

Indie Anna Jones & The Curse Of The Nu-New Wave....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

and where there used to be some shops

Home of a troubled but handsome and lovely individual, AWTUTBSS
details demented ramblings, thoughts, favourite music, hot topics, electronic
'mawoong' type noises and occasional recipies - think of it as a bit like
having a fabulous shop that you have a birrova browse around, picking
up nice things, and if yer lucky the salesman will comment kindly on the
niceness of your arse.

and where there used to be some shops


about myslef ... mmm let's say i've been interested in music for some years now and i love to share my experience, talk about the bands I've seen to help people discovering something else than what is beeing played on radio or TV ... that's why I only care about local scene (which changes depending where I'm staying).

I love the national and a few other bands, i like a lot of different things, i go and see a lot of shows (let s say at least 2 / weeks, and always review them on concertandco.com) ... is it the kind of infos you wanted to know

otherwise (for a living) i am a scientist
Visit the blog here Pirlouiiiit

Monday, September 04, 2006

Glastonbury of The Mind

An Irish writer man sets out to discover the secret of a spiritual connection to Bob Dylan's music, a connection going back many of his 44 years.

Blah Blah Blah.

Yes, its inside the workings of ARAGINGBOAR with the glastonburyofthemind@blog.com


Glastonbury of The Mind

Highway Five Music

Highway Five is the blog of music writer Tony Heywood. He loves electronica, Americana and mostly everything in-between. The first record he bought was The Human League’s – Don’t You Want Me, the last record was William Basinski and Richard Chartier’s Untitled.

His favourite ice cream is Cherry Garcia and his favourite band is American Music Club.

Visit his blog here:

Highway Five